Red Glove by Holly Black – Two Reviews!

HollyCassel has loved one girl his entire life, Lila.  Bu he knows that she will never love him back.  Cassel just wants to be like a normal human and live a normal life.  It’s not that easy for him though, because he belongs to a worker family that is much worse than most worker families would be.  His mom is using her powers to con rich men into giving her the money, and his brothers are getting into trouble with one of the bigger worker families of all time.  Cassel is a rare kind of worker.  Once people find out what kind of worker he is, they will capture him and use him for their own good.   A special kind of secret agent wants Cassel to help him figure out cases from long ago that have never been solved.  Zacharov also wants to use Cassel to help him kill people.  Cassel doesn’t want to help Zacharov.  But he has no other choice because Zacharov has something or someone that Cassel cares for deeply.  Will Cassel choose to do something he has to or wants to?

Submitted by Tiffany

Cassel  always thought that he was just another ordinary guy, which was until he found out that his brothers were manipulating his memories.  He learns that he has a special power.  He is the most powerfully cursed worker that there is.  Anyone or anything he touches turns into whatever he wants.

Submitted by Justin

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