Divergent by Veronica Roth

Beatrice Prior lives in dystopian Chicago where society is divided into five factions.  When she turns sixteen, Beatrice has to choose a faction.  When the day comes, she surprises everyone by choosing the faction of bravery instead of the faction of selflessness.  She then goes through many adventures.

My favorite character is Beatrice because of her bravery and selflessness.  My favorite part of the book was when Beatrice was shocked by Christina telling her Will kissed her because it was very funny.  I rate this book as 4/5 and I would recommend it to friends because it’s funny, suspenseful and dramatic.

Submitted by Eram

Divergent is a science fiction book written by Veronica Roth.  It is about a girl named Beatrice Prior who lives in a utopia.  This utopia came to be when the world was full of war.  Therefore, the leaders came to the conclusion of factions in order to prevent war.  Everybody belongs to a faction and there are five different factions.  Each of the factions are dedicated to something.  For example, the Abnegation are known to be selfless, the Dauntless are known to be brave, and the Erudite are known to be knowledgeable.  Once they turn 16, they can take an aptitude test to determine what faction they will be in for the rest of their lives.  Beatrice chose Dauntless, but when she took the test, she found out she didn’t belong to any one faction.  She belonged to all four.  People like Beatrice are known as Divergent.  They are also known as a threat to their utopia.  Therefore, they must be killed.  Read the book to find out what challenges Beatrice had to face, and how she faced these challenges in order to survive.

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