What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen – Three Reviews!

An unimaginably realistic book filled with just the right amount of “hmm.”  It’s about a girl, McLean Elizabeth Sweet.  Her parents go through a divorce because of an affair her mother had.  The divorce hits McLean maybe harder than even she could realize.  You know how sometimes you just don’t want your own life anymore.  When things are so complicated, stressed out, that’s when you just can’t take it anymore.  If something embarrassing happens, you just want to move.
Well, when the divorce occurred, McLean moved with her father four times in the past two years.  So McLean did what we want to sometimes – she changed her personality and gave herself a nickname, Liz, Eliza, Beth.  Suddenly, she finds a guy, a boy she just might love.  But who will the boy love; Liz, Eliza, Beth or McLean?  McLean doesn’t really know, “McLean” is no more.  I give it five stars.

Submitted by Fabiha

The book, What Happened to Goodbye was about a girl McLean who hates being the “new girl.”  This book has brought me to tears and also got me laughing plenty of times.  I would definitely recommend this book to teens because a lot of girls can really related to Dessen’s words.  McLean is definitely not an average teenage girl.  She changes her personality every time she moves to a new place.  I loved this book and many other books that Sarah Dessen has written.  I also believe that many other girls my age will enjoy this book too.

Submitted by BT

McLean’s life is difficult.  How her parents met was a romantic fairytale, but then everything changes when her mom left her dad for Peter Hamilton, Defriese’s coach.  After that, McLean decided to travel with her dad.  All the times she had settled down, McLean wasn’t herself.  She was Eliza, the perky cheer girl, Lizbeth the dream mama, and Beth, the social club joiner.  But in Lakeview, McLean was just McLean.  Then she meets Dave, the boy genius smoothie maker.  He is falling in love with McLean and she loves him too.  She tries not to because she doesn’t want to break his heart once she moves.  On top of that problem, McLean’s mom wants her to live in the beach house with her new family.
While reading this book, I empathized with McLean; I felt like I was viewing the problem in McLean’s shoes.  This is why I enjoyed the book.

Submitted by Katherine

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