The Maze Runner by James Dashner – Three Reviews!

Thomas wakes up in an ancient lift.  The only thing he remembers is his name.  As he approaches the top he sees young people, no older than 18.  They tell him he’s in the “Glade.”  They also tell him there is only one way out, to solve the maze.  One problem; the maze changes its pattern every day.  The people have their own system.  They get supplies once a week and a new person comes out every week .  The following day, a girl comes out of the lift!

This shocks the whole Glade because there has never been a girl there.  The girl holds a note in her hand that says “she’s the last one, ever.”  Before falling into a coma, the girl says “everything is going to change.”  To write any more would spoil it.
Submitted by Travis

The Maze Runner by James Dashner is a book about teenage boys that live in a place where Grievers, terrible creatures that seem to be half slugs/half machines, lurk.  The boys that arrive know nothing about their past lives, only their first names.  Once stung by a Griever, they remember how terrible their past lives were, or at least that’s what they say.  Thomas, the main character, is getting used to his new life when Teresa, the first girl, comes.  She can talk to Thomas in his mind.  Her arrival brings bad things, like the loss of the sun.  Thomas sees her as good, but is she?

My favorite character is Thomas because he is very brave.  For example, in my favorite part he ties an unconscious Alby, the leader of the boys, onto him and courageously climbs a wall so a Griever can’t get to them.  I would rate this book 3 stars and I would recommend it to friends.  I liked this book because of the action parts where there are fights with Grievers.
Submitted by Omaier M.

This book is about a boy named Thomas who wakes up not remembering anything other than his name.  He is helped by a group of people called the Gladers.  Their leader, Alby, explains to him that he is the first Greenbean since a kid named Nick was killed.  They told Thomas that they were expecting him.  The next day, the first ever girl arrives to Glade with a message.  When the girl comes with the message they start to think that it is becoming more of a challenge to get out of the maze they have been trying to get out of for years.  The Gladers are hoping to find their way out of the mazes so that they can finally get home.  After the girl arrives to Glade, Thomas begins to feel differently; he thinks he can find out some answers about him.  Thomas wants to find answers and find them quickly.
Submitted by Justin

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