Every Little Thing in the World by Nina deGramant

Every Little Thing in the Worldby Nina deGramant is a lovely book about a teenage girl who makes the biggest mistake a teen her age could make.  Sidney Biggs, the “good kid,” had gotten pregnant.  Due to her frequent fights with her mom, Sydney started going down the wrong path which soon led to her early, unwanted pregnancy.  Since her parents would be torn knowing about her pregnancy, she takes her camping trip to Canada as an opportunity to get away from the chaos at home to decide what she should do about the baby.  Although it may seem harsh, but my favorite part was when Sydney realized she was pregnant.  It came to show that doing wrong things could have an epic karma.  In addition, my favorite character Natalia, who happened to be Sydney’s best friend, because she genuinely cares about Sydney and she tries her best to help her through her crisis.  This book would best be suited for teens and it definitely deserves 5 stars.

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