Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Princess of Glass is about a princess named Poppy.  Poppy is the type of princess who didn’t like going to dances and balls.  Princess Poppy’s family was still invited to dances, parties and balls, but rejected them all.   “But my dear,” Lady Margaret went on.  “Please consider attending the ball even if you don’t dance.  The Thwaites are charming, and their social occasions are the height of fashion.”
Even other people try to persuade Princess Poppy to attend balls.  It took her a while to decide, she never has any happy memories from balls.  Then finally, she actually said yes, that she would go.  Hopefully, this ball would be better.
Then she goes into a princes exchange program that her father and neighbor set up.  She meets a servant named Eleanora.  She has a crush on the same prince that Princess Poppy likes, but who will win the prince’s heart?

Submintted by Melanie

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