Warriors in the Crossfire by Nancy Bo Flood

Warriors in the Crossfire by Nancy Bo Flood is about two boys named Kento and Joseph who live in China.  They are both training to become warriors to help their families survive.  They meet at night by a cove on the beach so nobody will find them.
One night after there were no soldiers in sight, they took their canoe and went out into the ocean to catch fish.  They were careful not to tip their canoe because they have done it many times before.
Joseph’s father showed him a cave a long way from his home to protect his family from the American soldiers that were coming.  Joseph did not know how he was going to remember how to get back to the cave.  Joseph told Kento about the cave and said that he an his family could come with them when they were attacked.  Kento and Joseph both wondered what would happen if the Americans won the war.  Joseph still thought that it was impossible.

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    Thank you for an excellent review of WARRIORS IN THE CROSSFIRE. Please let me know if you have any questions. I lived and taught on Saipan for ten years while I was researching this material for this book.

    My newest novel is now out – available on Amazon: NO NAME BABY Nancy Bo Flood

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